Singenu est sur Blurb!

blurbSingenu s’affiche sur Blurb! Je vous invite à aller découvrir un livre en particulier qui fut finaliste au concours Blurb 2011. Il s’agit d’un petit livre sur ma série Reptilis. Format de poche agréable et facile à transporter, il pourrait même s’avérer un outil intéressant pour les travaux étudiants!

I have been on Blurb for a time, but only recently have I really started to both enjoy and have the time to think about building a project and Blurb it! So there it is! One of the books I have is a very small one and interesting as it has been finalist in the Worldwide Blurb competition and it is a excerpt of my Reptilis Project. Go take a look! I think it may also be nice for students to add in their work if this subject came to them.

– Patrice

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